Looking for Beautiful Treatment Space?

Catonsville Wellness Center offers the most flexible and affordable ways to maintain or grow a private practice. Our savvy members use the office as little or as much as their practice requires. Members enjoy all the benefits of an established wellness center with the assurance that their office will always be an asset and never a liability. In a shrinking economy, its reassuring that we are never spending more than we need to on office space, while enjoying all the benefits of a traditional wellness center. Our massage therapists, acupuncturists, counselors and other providers can be available to the entire Baltimore County area with an attractive and affordable office available whenever their clients need them. Everyone pays $25 per month, which includes one hour of rental every month, and the option to rent additional hours as needed. If someone calls this week, book time. If someone calls next week, book time then. If your client cancels tomorrow’s appointment, cancel your reservation and incur no rental costs.

It is as easy and affordable as it sounds. Call us (443-312-9004) and talk about what you need for your practice.